NLP involves techniques that assist understanding of how we use the ‘language’ of our mind. It contains models that provide insights to our current values, beliefs and strategies. Using a range of techniques, we are able to discover and change the way we communicate (internally with ourselves and externally with others), in order to achieve our specific and desired outcomes.

An example of some techniques used:

  • Anchoring – providing you with the opportunity to access powerful and positive emotions whenever you need them
  • Swish patterning – this will assist you to manage any undesired cravings
  • Strategy installation – this will assist you to create a new pathway in the pattern of each behaviour you have; so the pathway to what you desire is then the only way!

NLP Coaching: is an accelerated & professional coaching series, which enables both individuals and groups to discover how to resolve inner conflicts and focus on what they want without distraction. It facilitates the discovery of their values and how to modify them to meet their current focus, to develop their capabilities and achieve amazing goals. NLP Coaching transforms lives leaving a trail of techniques engrained for lasting change.

Provide Examples of the successful people who have used NLP Coaching:

How do our coaching programs work?

Coaching – Mind, Body and Soul Coaches utilise Neuro-Linguistic Programming, (NLP), Timeline Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy techniques to:

  1. Discover the root cause of presenting problems
  2. Establish your desired goals and outcomes.
  3. Support the change process by guiding you to focus on what you want, how to reframe your thoughts and state of mind, and be the driver in your life
  4. Remove any negative emotions or limiting decisions to resolve inner conflict and self-sabotage.
  5. Elicit the values, beliefs and strategies, you currently use.
  6. Coach you and your staff from REACTIVE TO PROACTIVE; with the ability to regulate your thoughts, emotions and thus behaviours.
  7. Coach you in advanced techniques in your chosen area of coaching.
  8. Coach you in strategy installation- to assist you to install new behaviours and choices for your future
  9. Move you from stuck states such as procrastination to MOTIVATION with EASE!
  10. Lead to lasting change.

Our focus of Coaching is in the following areas;

  • Executive and Business Management
  • Change Management
  • Personal Training and Personal Fitness Coaching
  • Dyslexia and Learning Difficulties Coaching for Children and Adults
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Education Coaching
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Quit Smoking
  • Weight loss and Eating Disorders
  • Phobia Release
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