Personal Training

People choose personal training for many different reasons; Fitness improvements, Weight Loss, Strength Gains, Rehabilitation, Stress Reduction, Health Improvements.  Regardless of your reason you need to ensure you understand your goals, are ready to make changes in your life and commit to the journey of self-improvement/development.

With Coaching Mind, Body & Soul you will have access to a range of different training techniques:

  • Training with Weights
  • Cardio Based Sessions
  • Boxing & Pad Training
  • TRX® Suspension Training
  • Fitball® and Bosu® Training


Personal training session prices will vary. The price will only vary depending on the level of commitment given.  If you choose a package, it will show me that you are truly 100% committed to the journey for the long-term.

All packages come with a complementary health screening & regular progress checks to measure your results.  You will also receive a “non-trainer day” program that is updated and periodised accordingly.  General nutrition advice and meal structure is included.

How do I decide sessions

Personal training sessions are structured on time. Deciding on how long you should train for is not an easy decision but is not limited to your current fitness level.  The best theory is the more time(s) you can spend with a personal trainer, the better!

The personal training session will be structured around your specific goals and fitness level as

to achieve maximal benefits within the training time. The session time options available are the following:

  • 30 minutes
  • 45 minutes
  • 1 hour
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