Accelerated Mind State & Hypnotherapy Certification

Hypnotherapy & Mindfulness Certification Training


  • Have you or your child ever experienced ‘being stuck’ or lacking in motivation?
  • Are you concerned about the state of your child’s wellbeing?
  • Does your child have issues with anxiety, depression or low self-esteem?
  • Does your child get stressed, overwhelmed and have difficulty relaxing?
  • Do you want a child with a strong internal platform of esteem, worth and confidence, so you know they are secure?
  • Would you like to be more relaxed in your own life, and in the role as a parent?
  • Would you like a part-time or full-time business you can utilise, and work at home as you do?

School Leaders / Teachers

  • Do you feel stressed or overwhelmed at work?
  • Are your staff feeling stressed or overwhelmed?
  • Would you like to support your staff to feel more at ease?
  • Would you like to be able to increase the performance of your own, your staff or your students?
  • Would you like to support staff or students to break old patterns or habits?
  • Do you want to become a master of language?


  • Do you want to connect to, and accelerate the results of your clients?
  • Do you wish to learn skills that will transform clients lives?
  • Do you wish to increase your health and vitality on the job?
  • Do you wish to become a master of language?
  • Do you wish to be able to relax every day after work immediately, and sleep well every night?


Throughout my travels within Australia and over skype and Webinars with parents, teachers and practitioners, there is one consistent message – How do we support and guide our children and adolescents (students) to behave and find greater happiness?

My answer is always connected to their state of mind, and the TRAINING required is MIND STATE TRAINING.

With the ever increasing incidence and prevalence of social, emotional, language, learning and behavioural issues in the home, community and schooling environments, it is really needed now, isn’t it?

My big WHY for my business is my own internal struggle with Autism, and the ‘Perception of Difference’ at school, it created collision, obstacle and struggle that magnified over the years, even though I received love and support from my family.

Your students minds are their minds, and specific tools and programming are now available for you to learn and utilise with them in an effortless manner.

These tools have been developed via my 22 years of experience in working with children, families, and school staff in the fields of National Sport, Education, Health and Mental Health. In combination with the tools I have gathered via NLP, Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Mindfulness, these tools accelerate the capacities of the students to observe themselves to make the choices required in the moment with core clarity.

This course includes the skills taught in the Hypnotherapy Certification, with a strong spin on the utilisation of language with children, adolescents and students in the home and schooling environments.

The parents and teachers whom have received this certification have also built their own part-time business in the area of Health Coaching and Wellbeing.

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Hypnotherapy has been practised since time began, and became recognised by the American Medical Association in 1958. It is now formally recognised that all people can practice Hypnotherapy when accredited.

Now, research and evidenced based, hypnotherapy is strongly aligned with the movements of positive psychology, and mindfulness, and has become strongly respected within the education, health and medical fields today.

During hypnosis, the conscious mind and body are in a relaxed state, and the unconscious mind remains receptive and alert. When conducted by a trained professional, hypnotherapy is a totally safe experience. Whilst in this relaxed state, hypnotic suggestions are made to the unconscious mind. The suggestions assist to transform both conscious and unconscious patterns of behaviour, altering beliefs or reality around areas of concern.

During the training process, you will learn;

  • 2014 information about Neuroscience and how the mind works
  • the techniques of hypnosis
  • how to remove old programming
  • how the conscious and unconscious minds relate
  • how we communicate with ourselves and the outside world
  • how to get results with yourself and your client

The skills and knowledge gained during training will enable you to facilitate;

  • Mind State Training
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