YOUTH Coach®

YOUTH Coach® Program is the integrated practice of Coaching Mind, Body & Soul. It is the creation of the Senior Clinician and Author’s work practice with Youth for the past 24 years in:

  • Youth Coaching in National Sport
  • Allied Health
  • Emotional Intelligence & Mind-State Training
  • NLP, NLP Coaching, TimeLine Therapy tm & Hypnotherapy, Clinical Hypnosis
  • Mindfulness Coaching & Training for Schools
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder & (Severe) Behavioural Challenges in Youth of all ages
  • Personal Training & Group Training

These aspects of work, when integrated in specific formulae, have provided the foundation for support for many professionals that contact our Academy each week.

In the past 17 years, in numerous forms, have provided the basis of for Education Staff of all levels, Allied Health Professionals, Coaches, Therapists, and Complimentary Health Professionals and Personal Trainers, particularly in the area of working with YOUTH of all ages.

If you have a strong desire to support YOUTH, their families and the system, keep reading!

Have you noticed the massive difference in the coaching world today of how many businesses, executive and adult coaches there are, compared to child and adolescent coaches and family coaches at present?

Many coaches have contacted my business in the past looking for; a framework of knowledge to work with specific individuals; family therapeutic model; and the use of coaching to connect with, and utilise effectively within the schooling environment.

In my experience, many coaches fail to recognise the challenge of completing the task of creating the business they desire with YOUTH, as they are missing some of the vital knowledge in the triad of ultimate support – for the individual, their family, and the schooling (education) sector.

It is true, that in some cases, children and adolescents (students) may not require support in all 3 areas. In my experience, the preparation of yourself, your business, and your knowledge of the market will allow you to promote your business with solid document of WHY, WHAT and HOW you do WHAT you do, thus increasing your AVATAR knowledge, and increase the likelihood of referral for your niche and network or connected areas.

To apply for this Program, email

So, coaches,

  • Would you like a framework of understanding of therapeutic models  for working with children and adolescents of differential diagnoses such as Autism Spectrum Disorder?
  • Would you like a framework of understanding of child development that will empower you, and position you as an expert in your chosen niche?
  • Would you like specified and specific processes to utilise from the first phone call, first interview and therapeutic process?
  • Would you like solid outlines for interview, case management process, and report writing to ensure you save time and energy within the process of client management?
  • Would you like the HOW to in terms of positioning yourself with schools, and the frameworks of connectedness between your work and the whole-school approach to curriculum teaching?
  • Would you like the language to communicate with schools, and teachers and build the capacity to market yourself with authority?
  • Would you like the capacity to communicate in your reports post-assessment of the student, and, outline specific and meaningful suggestions and recommendations, so that schools observe you as an expert, and refer further students to you accordingly?
  • Would you like the language and thee capacity to connect with medical and health professionals and contribute in a meaningful manner in case meetings, and write meaningful reports for collaborative practice?
  • Would you like a stream of referrals, and support to generate referrals in this area?
  • And more…………

This program will be offering 3 x yearly weekend training seminars in 2016. The first one to be held in July 2016 at the Coaching Mind, Body & Soul Training Rooms in Melbourne, Australia.

To apply for this Program, email

As a Therapist or Allied Health Professionals you are more than likely pressed constantly with time, energy and within process, of dual running a business, and having a client caseload, or perhaps you are currently experiencing the uncertainty of working for someone else, and the desire to increase your earning potential?

In all of the above, time and energy plays upon our capacity to provide up-to-date, new paradigmatic frameworks to our clients that are 2015 based. Our fields of work, connected to Neuroscience, have expanded exponentially in the past 6 years, and it is important that each of our businesses advance with this knowledge via application.

As an Allied Health Professional that has worked within the fields of Education and Mental Health and Private Practice, I understand the desire to position yourself in best practice, for your clients, and in recognition of your dedication to your work values.

Within this Program, you will receive:

  • 2015 Knowledge and Evidence in regard to Neuroscience and its connections to child development, Education and Therapeutic Practice
  • A solid basis of process of NLP, and its application in working with YOUTH of all ages, and all diagnoses
  • Processes to platform and position your business
  • Language frameworks in order to accelerate client results
  • New Paradigmatic programming for working with YOUTH with diagnoses
  • Interviewing Processes to ensure that you have all information before therapy begins
  • Agreement processes to ensure your client is playing at 100%
  • Tasking Processes that ensure the work is completed, and the results are accelerated between your client sessions
  • And so much more…

This program will be offering 3 x yearly weekend training seminars in 2016. The first one to be held in July 2016 at the Coaching Mind, Body & Soul Training Rooms in Melbourne, Australia.

To apply for this Program, email

Normally priced at $7,500 + GST for this 12 month program, at this present time, due to the expansion of business, this Program is offered at $6,000 (+GST) for 12 months.

What you will receive in this 12 months is:

  • Up to 15 strategy coaching sessions
  • Numerous incidental programming sessions for individual youth, families and your work with schools
  • Opportunity join project calls for specific areas of interest
  • Monthly Group calls
  • The knowledge, experience and integrative approach method (Coaching and Allied Health) that is specific and unique to this company.
  • An opportunity to join a weekend retreat; only available to the Youth Coach Team.

(Payment Plans are available for beginner coaches and therapists)

This is a short time offer, open only to the individuals selected via the strategy session / interview process.

If you want the framework to smash your goals, and make an authentic and significant impact with children, adolescents, families and schools, email to receive your time for interview.



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